The purpose

What is your purpose? It might seem like an odd question for a business, but it is crucially important. The word ‘purpose’ is defined as “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”, and also as “a person’s sense of resolve or determination”. These two meanings put together form a powerful cocktail, one that should be at the root of all your decisions. Finding your purpose is a moment when you fall in love with an idea, a concept, a projected reality, and then focus all your energy, your ‘resolve and determination’ upon bringing that idea into reality.

To have purpose is to have direction, the first step is always the hardest.

With a clear purpose, difficult decisions can be viewed with more clarity as you can ask yourself ‘does this serve my ultimate purpose?’. Once you know exactly what that purpose is, your answer to this question will be much more easily discovered.

Coming up with a purpose is easier said than done. It needs to be a clear, direct aim that you can describe in a sentence. However, it also needs to be something that speaks to you on a deep, fundamental level: a task that you’re willing to dedicate your working life towards. Can you write it down, or say it aloud? Give it a go.

Once you’ve had a think about your purpose, it’s time to interrogate it. Why do you want to achieve this? What feeling will it give you? Is it simply the first step on a greater journey, or does it need to be broken down into achievable steps? Finding your purpose is simply the first step on a long, winding road – but it’s always the first step that is the most important.